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[edit] Hello

Thanks for the nice comment on your user page :) I really think we're getting to the point where we finally have something people will like and getting more contributors will be easier. The nice part is we are no where even close to where I think we will be in a few years. We have around 5,000 articles now, I think we can easily hit 100,000 articles. Also if you want to join us in our IRC chat just click here, once we get a few more regular chatters we'll be setting up weekly meetings. Let me know if you have any questions and thanks for all your contributions! --Hyarion 01:03, 7 November 2006 (EST)

[edit] Gil-galad's parentage

Well, I reverted your edit to Gil-galad's lineage, and then you changed mine. I don't want to get into an edit war over this, but as Christopher Tolkien himself admitted (years after its publishing), the Silmarillion is incorrect. In The Peoples of Middle-earth, which includes many of Tolkien's later writings, an exact lineage is stated. It's far too long to quote in full, but I'll show some of the statements:

"My father originally supposed that Gil-galad was the son of Felagund King of Nargothrond. This is probably first found in a revision to the text FN II of The Fall of Númenor (V.33); but it remained his belief until after the completion of The Lord of the Rings, as is seen from Of the Rings of Power, where in the published text (The Silmarillion p. 286) Fingon is an editorial alteration of Felagund. . . it should be noted also that in the text of the Tale of Years just referred to not only was Gil-galad the son of Felagund but Galadriel was Gil-galad's sister (and so Felagund's daughter): see pp. 174 and 185 note 10. It emerged, however, in the Grey Annals of 1951 (XI.44 s108) that Felagund had no wife. . ."
― CT's notes
". . . the curious history of Orodreth can be traced. Put as Artanáro Rhodothir (so contradicting the story of the Grey Annals) noted that Finrod 'had no child (he left his wife in Aman)', and moved Artanáro Rhodothir to become, still in the same generation, the son of Finrod's brother Angrod (who with Aegnor held the heights of Dorthonion and was slain in the Battle of Sudden Flame). The name of Angrod's son (still retaining the identity of 'Orodreth') was then changed from Artanáro to Artaresto. In an isolated note found with the genealogies, scribbled at great speed but nonetheless dated, August 1965, my father suggested that the best solution to the problem of Gil-galad's parentage was to find him in 'the son of Orodreth', who is here given the Quenya name of Artaresto, and continued:"
― CT's notes
Finrod left his wife in Valinor and had no children in exile. Angrod's son was Artaresto, who was beloved by Finrod and escaped when Angrod was slain, and dwelt with Finrod. Finrod made him his 'steward' and he succeeded him in Nargothrond. His Sindarin name was Rodreth (altered to Orodreth because of his love of the mountains. . . His children were Finduilas and Artanáro = Rodnor later called Gil-galad. (Their mother was a Sindarin lady of the North. She called her son Gil-galad.) Rodnor Gil-galad escaped and eventually came to Sirion's Mouth and was King of the Noldor there. -- J.R.R. Tolkien
"The final genealogy was: Gil-galad son of Orodreth son of Angrod brother of Finrod Felagund"
― CT's notes
". . . Much closer analysis of the admittedly extremely complex material than I had made twenty years ago makes it clear that Gil-galad as the son of Fingon (see XI.56, 243) was an ephemeral idea."
― CT's notes

Therefor, after your response (or in the space of twenty-four hours, whichever comes first), I shall either revert the edit or listen to you if you have a better text. --Narfil Palùrfalas 14:11, 10 November 2006 (EST)

By the way, ephemeral means "lasting for a short period of time". --Narfil Palùrfalas 17:33, 10 November 2006 (EST)

[edit] Meeting - Sunday 5th September

Hi, Legolas! I know it's been a long time since you were last around, but this is a quick message to inform you that we are holding our next Meeting on Sunday, 5th September 2010 at 7pm UTC. Whether you are or aren't able to attend, please sign your name on the here. Hope to see you on Sunday! --Mith (Talk/Contribs/Edits) 19:35, 30 August 2010 (UTC)