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Other Minds 11

Other Minds 11
EditorThomas Morwinsky, Hawke Robinson, Neville Percy, Chris Seeman
PublisherOther Minds Volunteers
ReleasedJanuary 2011

Other Minds 11 is the eleventh issue of Other Minds, a magazine devoted to Middle-earth Role Playing and other role playing games set in Middle-earth, published in January 2011.

[edit] Contents

  • "Editorial: A belated Chrismas and New Year's present!"
  • "Inside Information"
    • By Thomas Morwinsky
  • "Agazlam"
    • By Severin, Isildur's Heir
  • "Roleplaying Battles in Middle-earth"
    • By José Enrique Vacas de la Rosa
  • "Simplified System-Chronicles of Middle-earth"
    • By Daniel Vacaflores
  • "Moldewarp stats for LotRRPG"
    • By José Enrique Vacas de la Rosa
  • "Things a PC should know"
    • By Tom Davie
  • "The Tale of Years"
    • By Thomas Giessl
  • "Únati and Axani"
    • By Neville Percy
  • "Fine Print and Disclaimers"
  • "Creative Commons Licence"
  • "Appendix A: Handout for 'Things a PC should know'"
  • "Appendix B: Character Sheet & Skill Listing for 'Simplified System-Chronicles of Middle-earth'"
  • "Table of Contents: Other Minds Magazine, Issues 1-11"
  • Artwork / Maps:
    • By: Catherine Karina Chmiel, John Howe, Stephen Hickman, Jan Pospisil, Tuuliky