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The Burrows Family was one of the more important of the Hobbit families of the Shire, of whom several members were present at Bilbo Baggins's famous Farewell Party.[1]

[edit] History

Very little is known about the family in general, apart from the fact that the correct plural of the name is "Burrowses".[2] There was however a family connection between the Burrowses and the Bagginses: Bilbo's distant cousin Peony Baggins was married to Milo Burrows, and together they had four children.[1]

Decades before his Birthday Party, at the end of his adventures in The Hobbit, Bilbo returned home to find that he had been officially presumed dead, and that Bag End and its contents were being sold at auction. The company responsible was Messrs Grubb, Grubb and Burrowes,[3], an unusual spelling of the name "Burrows", but it is the very same family[4].

[edit] Genealogy

Showing the prominent members of the Burrows clan.[1][5][6] The figures after the names are those of birth. A dashed line indicates marriage. Names in italics signify those who attended Bilbo's Farewell Party on 22 September S.R. 1401.

Druda Burrows
Rollo Boffin
Rufus Burrows
Asphodel Brandybuck
various descendants
Milo Burrows
Peony Baggins
Mosco Burrows
Moro Burrows
Myrtle Burrows
Minto Burrows

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