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Haerast, the Far Shore, referred to the eastern coast of Aman as seen from Nevrast across the Belegaer. Haerast was the opposite of Nevrast, the Hither Shore of Beleriand.[1]

[edit] Etymology

Haerast is a Sindarin name.[2] The meaning "Far Shore"[note 1] is its translation[3] analyzed as *hae "far" (cf. na-chaered,[4] haeron,[5] Q. háya[6]) + *rast "shore" (cf. Andrast, Nevrast, Q. hresta[7]).[8]


  1. The name is given from the point of view of a Sindarin speaker, situated in Beleriand, and obviously it is not a native Amanian/Valinorean name.


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