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Ar-Abattârik, like the eighteen rulers of Númenor before him, took the Sceptre with a Quenya name, Tar-Ardamin. In private, though, the King's Men called him by a name in their own Adûnaic language: Ar-Abattârik. This King was the last to follow the practice of using an official Quenya name. His son Ar-Adûnakhôr abandoned the old traditions, and used Adûnaic in his official name.

[edit] Other Versions of the Legendarium

It should be said that there is some doubt over the character of Ar-Abattârik. He is listed in the detailed annals of The Line of Elros as the son of Tar-Calmacil and father of Ar-Adûnakhôr, but in Appendix A I (i) to The Lord of the Rings, the relevant section of the King-lists appears like this: '...Tar-Calmacil. After Calmacil the Kings took the sceptre in names of the Númenorean (or Adûnaic) tongue: Ar-Adûnakhôr...' It seems most likely, as Christopher Tolkien suggests, that this omission is probably a simple mistake, and that Tar-Ardamin or Ar-Abattârik should appear in the list at this point.