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[edit] Quenya

aikasse is a Quenya word meaning "mountain peak".[1]

Helge Fauskanger has suggested that the form aicassë (retaining its meaning, and perhaps also include the meaning of Qenya aikasse, see below) could be valid Neo-Quenya.[2]

[edit] Etymology

[edit] Cognates

  • Noldorin oegas ("mountain peak")
  • Quenya aikale ("peak")

[edit] Qenya

aikasse is a Qenya word meaning "pinetree".[3][note 1]

[edit] Cognates


  1. The editor's note for aigos in Parma Eldalamberon XI (third impression May 2004) says that aikasse is the "Quenya form". However, all other entries refer to Qenya.

[edit] References

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