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Biographical Information
LanguageMannish dialect
BirthF.A. 337
HouseHouse of Marach
Physical Description

Amlach (born F.A. 337) was the son of Imlach and a member of the House of Marach.[1]

[edit] History

In the years after they crossed the Blue Mountains into Beleriand, the Men who would become known as the Edain dwelt mainly in encampments at Estolad, south of Nan Elmoth. There, they were divided into two factions: the Elf-friends, who argued that Men should ally themselves with the Eldar against Morgoth, and the dissenters who wished to leave the war to the Elves.

Around F.A. 369 a council was held to debate the issue, and "Amlach" spoke forcefully against joining the Eldar in their war. After the council, though, it was discovered that Amlach had not even been present, and the speaker had been an emissary of Morgoth that had taken on his form. Amlach's anger at this deceit caused him to join the party of the Elf-friends, and he went north to Himring to enter the service of the Elf-lord Maedhros.[2]

[edit] Etymology

Amlach appears to be a Sindarin name, though its meaning is not entirely certain. A possibility is "Uprising Flame" (from am = "up, upwards" and lach = "flame (leaping)").

[edit] Genealogy


[edit] References

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