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Anfauglir means 'Jaws of Thirst'; anca = jaws, faug = gape. It was another name for Carcharoth, the greatest wolf of all time, who was bred by Morgoth with the purpose of defeating Huan, whose fate was to be slain by such a creature. The great wolf was set by his master as a guard on the gates of Angband.[1] When Beren and Lúthien entered Angband in quest of the Silmaril, they were able to enchant Carcharoth and pass safely in, but as they made their escape, they encountered him once again.

Beren held up the hallowed Jewel to ward off the beast, but Carcharoth bit off his hand at the wrist, Silmaril and all. Because of the power of the Jewel, it burned the wolf's innards, consuming him with an overpowering thirst. From this comes Carcharoth's later and rarer name of Anfauglir, meaning 'Jaws of Thirst'.


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