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Arda 1984/1985

Arda 1984 & Arda 1985, Vols. IV & V
Arda 1984 1985.jpg
AuthorEdited by Anders Stenström
PublisherThe Tolkien Society Forodrim

Arda 1984/1985 is an issue of the publication Arda. The issue is noteworthy for including "The Clerkes Compleinte", a rare poem by J.R.R. Tolkien. Further notes and a photocopy of the manuscript of the poem was printed in Arda 1986.

[edit] Contents

[edit] Volume IV

Vols. IV & V form a double volume. Published 1988 / Arda 1984, containing:

  • The Clerkes Compleinte [a humorous poem by Tolkien, published anonymously in 1922] - Text, Commentary [by T.A. Shippey] and Translation / Djäknens klagan - text, kommentar och översättning
  • Douglass Parker: Hwaet We Holbytla... / Vi hört om hobbitars...
  • Beregond, Anders Stenström: Något om pipor, blad och rökning / Some Notes on Pipes, Leaf and Smoking
  • The Year's Work in Tolkien Studies
  • Krönika / Chronicle
  • Recensioner / Reviews
  • Brev / Letters

[edit] Volume V

Vols. IV & V form a double volume. Published 1988 / Arda 1985, containing:

  • Naomi Collyer: "Recollections of Professor J.R.R. Tolkien / Erinringar om professor J.R.R. Tolkien"
  • G.H. Thomson: "The Lord of the Rings: The Novel as Traditional Romance / Romanen som traditionell romans"
  • Vitæ breves nuper inventæ duæ / Two Recently Found Short Biographies
  • Nils-Lennart Johannesson: "Sure as Shiretalk - On Linguistic Variation in Hobbit Speech (Part One) / Språklig variation i Fylke och Bree (Del ett)"
  • Anders Stenström: "Striking Matches - An Exegesis of H V:4 / Kunde tändstickorna strykas?"
  • The Year's Work in Tolkien Studies
  • Krönika och rapport / Chronicle and Report
  • Recensioner / Reviews
  • Brev / Letters
  • Åke Bertenstam: "Supplement för 1983-1984 till En Tolkienbibliografi / Supplement for 1983-1984 to A Tolkien Bibliography"