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bizar in Khuzdul means "dale, valley"[1] or "a small stream (running down from a spring)"[2] in which case it would be form bizâr

[edit] Etymology

Root B-Z-R[2]

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[edit] Other versions

Tolkien explored various possibilities regarding the exact interpretation of the elements occurring in the name Azanulbizar; it was to somehow mean "Dimrill Dale".

In one interpretation, Azanulbizar means "The rills of the shadows", whereas the word "dale" is understood (the full name being duban Azanulbizar, but duban "dale, valley" is left out so that the place was simply called Azanulbizar).

In another, the whole phrase "Dimrill Dale" fits into the word Azanulbizar since the bizar part that means "dale", and "rill(s)" or "streams" corresponds to the middle element ûl


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