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BirthMid-Second Age
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Ciryatur was the commander of the Númenórean fleet sent to aid Gil-galad in the War of the Elves and Sauron. In S.A. 1700, Gil-galad’s Elves had been beaten back to the River Lhûn and Sauron had more forces approaching from the south-east when the great armament from Númenor arrived. Sauron's host suffered heavy losses and was driven back.

Ciryatur had divided his forces, sending some directly to Gil-galad and some to the mouth of the Gwathló River. This second force appeared in the rear of Sauron's army after they had been driven away from Sarn Ford with further losses. In the ensuing Battle of the Gwathló, the host of Sauron was completely routed and Sauron himself barely escaped. A final battle in eastern Calenardhon stripped Sauron of all but a tiny bodyguard. The Dark Lord retreated into Mordor and plotted vengeance upon the Númenóreans.[1]

[edit] Etymology

Ciryatur means "Ship Master" in Quenya (from cirya, 'ship', and -tur, 'master')—an appropriate name for an admiral. It is in fact possible that this is the name of his position rather than himself (cf. Ohtar).


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