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Dáin's halls

Dáin's Halls
Physical Description
TypeProbable capital city
LocationSomewhere in the Grey Mountains
InhabitantsDurin's Folk
DescriptionProbable capital city of the Dwarves of the Grey Mountains
General Information
EventsWar of the Dwarves and Dragons

Dáin's halls was a name used for the halls that formed the capital of the Grey Mountains, the name coming from the Dwarf-king Dáin I.[1]

[edit] History

The Halls of Dáin were probably originally founded by the first exiled dwarves from Khazad-dûm who had fled the city because of the Balrog. However because there is no information on the halls, it can only be assumed that it was the capital of Durin's folk at the time.

In T.A. 2589[2] Dáin was killed by a great Cold-Drake along with his son Frór at the entrance to the city. A year later, most of Durin's folk abandoned the mountains, and left for Erebor and the Iron Hills.[1]

It is possible that either under Dáin II's or Thorin III's reign that this city was retaken.

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