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Dáin I

This article is about the King of Durin's Folk. For the successor of Thorin II Oakenshield, see Dáin II Ironfoot.
Dáin I
Biographical Information
TitlesKing of Durin's Folk
LocationGrey Mountains
BirthT.A. 2440
RuleT.A. 2585-2589
DeathT.A. 2589 (aged 149)
Dáin's halls, Grey Mountains
HouseDurin's line
ParentageNáin II
ChildrenThrór, Frór, Grór
Physical Description

Dáin I (T.A. 2440 - 2589, aged 149 years) was King of Durin's folk for 4 years, from T.A. 2585 to 2589.[1]

[edit] History

Dáin ruled during the period when his people lived in the Grey Mountains. His father was Náin II, and he had a younger brother Borin. Dáin had three children, Thrór, Frór, and Grór.

Dáin and his people were troubled by increasing dragon attacks, and eventually both Dáin and Frór were killed by a Cold-drake at the gate of his halls. After Dáin's death, Thrór and Grór led most of the Dwarves of Durin's folk south. Thrór led one group back to Lonely Mountain, while Grór founded his own realm in the Iron Hills.[1]

[edit] Genealogy

Náin II
2338 - 2585
2440 - 2589
2450 - 2711
2542 - 2790
2552 - 2589
2563 - 2805
2560 - 2803

[edit] Eymology

Dáinn is a dwarf from the Dvergatal. His name most likely means "Deadlike".[2]

[edit] References

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Dáin I
House of Durin
Born: T.A. 2440 Died: T.A. 2589
Preceded by:
Náin II
King of Durin's Folk
T.A. 25852589
Followed by: