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Biographical Information
BirthSecond Age
DeathSecond Age
ChildrenHazad Longbeard
Physical Description

Elmar was a woman who lived during the Second Age before the return of the Númenóreans to Middle-earth. She was the mother of Hazad Longbeard and grandmother of Tal-Elmar from the story bearing the same name. She belonged to the "Fell Folk of the East". After a battle Elmar had been taken prisoner by Buldar. He brought her to his region, called Agar, and wedded her mostly against her wish. Because of this, she placed a curse on the people of Agar, that they should weaken and fade with time, which eventually happened. She had many sons, of which the youngest and closest to her heart was Hazad. She died during Hazad's boyhood, but Hazad named his youngest son Tal-Elmar in her memory and due to the fact that the child resembled her.[1]

[edit] Genealogy

Second Age
Second Age
Hazad Longbeard
Second Age
Second Age

[edit] Other Versions of the Legendarium

In a penciled note Tolkien considered removing Buldar and having Elmar be wed to Hazed instead.[2]

[edit] References

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