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Hobitit (Finnish: Hobbits) was a Finnish TV mini series based on The Lord of the Rings which aired in 1993 for 9 episodes on YLE.

The series was written and directed by Timo Torikka. Toni Edelmann composed the soundtrack.[1] Hobitit featured nine episodes of 30 minutes runtime that were aired from 29 March to 24 May 1993. Filming locations included the Ryhmäteatteri theatre in Helsinki and Yle's production facilities.


[edit] Episodes

  1. "Bilbo"
  2. "Tie" ("Road")
  3. "Vanha metsä" ("Old Forest")
  4. "Pomppiva poni" ("Prancing Pony")
  5. "Konkari" ("Strider")
  6. "Lórien"
  7. "Mordor"
  8. "Tuomiovuori" ("Mount Doom")
  9. "Vapautus" ("Liberation")

[edit] Plot

The series follows the story of Frodo Baggins and Samwise Gamgee as they head for Mount Doom to destroy the One Ring. Most of the other story - the War of the Ring raging in Rohan and Gondor - has been omitted.

[edit] Cast

Role Actor
Frodo Baggins Taneli Mäkelä
Samwise Gamgee Pertti Sveholm
Gandalf Vesa Vierikko
Peregrin Took Jari Pehkonen
Meriadoc Brandybuck Jarmo Hyttinen
Gollum/Aragorn Kari Väänänen
Galadriel Heidi Krohn
Bilbo Baggins Martti Suosalo
Gimli Tomi Salmela
Legolas Ville Virtanen
Saruman Mikko Kivinen
Boromir Carl-Kristian Rundman
Elrond Leif Wager
Barliman Butterbur Mikko Kivinen
Tom Bombadil Esko Hukkanen


  1. "Yle teettää oman sovituksen Taru sormusten herrasta-sadusta" ("Yle to produce its own version of the tale of The Lord of the Rings"), dated 18 June 1991, in Helsingin Sanomat

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