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Inspirations of the Middle Earth

Inspirations of the Middle Earth is an album by Nobody's Fools released in 2001.

[edit] Track Listing

  1. Ainulindale
  2. Valars and Maiars
  3. Gandalf
  4. Bilbo
  5. Rings of smoke near the fire
  6. From the door
  7. Gollum's Fury
  8. Mirkwood
  9. On the death of Thorin Oak-Shield
  10. In Butterbur's Inn
  11. Nazgul's Breath
  12. Gandalf's Imprisonment
  13. Gwahir's Fly
  14. Rivendell/Elrond's Council
  15. Gates of Moria / Kahazad Dum
  16. Fangorn
  17. Minas Tirith and Minas Morgul
  18. Grey Havens