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Lembas Extra 2012

Lembas Extra 2012

Lembas Extra 2012 is an issue of the journal Lembas Extra. The issue contains eight articles (all in English).

[edit] Contents

  • Marion Kippers: "The Snergs and their influence on the Hobbit(s) "
  • Pamina Camacho: "Cyclic cataclysms, Semitic stereotypes and religious reforms: a classicist´s Númenor "
  • Frank Wasmus: "A survey among graves: burial rites in Middle-earth "
  • Renée Vink: "The parentage of Gil-Galad - a textual history"
  • Sjoerd van der Weide: "The Great War – Sauron against the Elves in the Second Age"
  • Arti Ponsen: "Fire of Orthanc – Gunpowder in Middle-earth "
  • Thijs Porck: "The Bones in the Soup: the Anglo-Saxon Flavour of Tolkien’s The Hobbit "
  • Tyellas "The Unnatural History of Tolkien’s Orcs "