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Biographical Information
TitlesKing of Arthedain
LanguageSindarin, Westron
BirthT.A. 1144
RuleT.A. 1272 - 1349
DeathT.A. 1349 (aged 205)
HouseHouse of Isildur
ChildrenArgeleb I
Physical Description

Malvegil (T.A. 1144[1] - 1349,[2] died aged 205) was the sixth ruler of Arthedain.

[edit] History

Malvegil was the son of Celebrindor, and gained the kingship of Arthedain upon his father's death in T.A. 1272.[2]

It was during Malvegil's reign (c. 1300) that the Witch-king saw an opportunity in the disunion of the Arnorians and he went to the North and founded Angmar. To this realm were drawn evil men, Orcs (who begin attacking the Dwarves), and other fell creatures. Due to the growing evils of the Misty Mountains, Hobbits moved westward and many of them settled in Bree.[3]

Malvegil ruled Arthedain for seventy-seven years. He lived for two hundred and five years, longer than any of his descendants until Aragorn. He was succeeded by his son Argeleb I in 1349.[2]

[edit] Etymology

Malvegil is a Sindarin name. Its meaning is not glossed, but Paul Strack suggests it means "Sword of Gold" and is a combination of malt ("gold") and the lenited form of megil ("sword").[4]

[edit] Genealogy

979 - 1191
1062 - 1272
1144 - 1349
Argeleb I
1226 - 1356
Arveleg I
1309 - 1409


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House of Isildur
Cadet branch of House of Elros
Born: T.A. 1144 Died: T.A. 1349
Preceded by:
14th Heir of Isildur
T.A. 1272 - T.A. 1349
Followed by:
Argeleb I
6th King of Arthedain
T.A. 1272 - T.A. 1349