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Nessa was a Valië. She was the wife of Tulkas and sister of Oromë.

Nessa was noted for her speed, fast like an arrow, able to outrun the deer who follow her in the wild, and also for her dancing ability, as she danced on the ever-green lawns of Valimar.[1] She wed Tulkas upon the Isle of Almaren[2] in the Year of the Lamps 3400.[3]

In the "due order" in which the queens of the Valar were named, Nessa was named last.[1]


[edit] Etymology

Nessa ([ˈnesːa]) is a Quenya name meaning "young".[4][5]

[edit] Early Etymology

Her names were Helinyetille meaning "Eyes of Heartsease", from helin ("violet, pansy"), and Melesta, from mele ("to love").[6]

[edit] Other versions of the legendarium

In the earlier texts, Nessa and Estë were considered "highest among the Maiar". Lea the Young was the wife of Tulkas, and was later changed to Nessa.[source?]

She was once envisioned to be the daughter of Vána.[source?]


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