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Other Hands 23

Other Hands issue 23

Other Hands 23 is an issue of Other Hands, a magazine devoted to MERP. The theme of the issue is "Dragons of the North".

  • Details
    • Published: October 1998
    • Place of Publication: Novato, California, United States
    • Format: 27 page softcover, stapled
    • Mass: 66g
    • Dimensions: length 28cm, width 21.2cm, thickness .2cm
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[edit] Contents

  • Editorial
  • "The Dwarven Engineer" by Carl Brodt [4 pgs; new profession with spell lists]
  • "A Character Development System for MERP" by James Garriss [2 pgs; a class-less development system]
  • "Dragons of the North" by Chris Seeman [7 pgs; includes 2-pg map of the Grey Mountains and the Withered Heath]
  • "The Knights of EƤrendur," an adventure by Eric Dubourg [8 pgs; set in TA 1409 Eriador]
  • "Rastarin's Log" by Bridget Buxton [4 pgs]