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Months in the Shire Calendar
  1. Afteryule (January)
  2. Solmath (February)
  3. Rethe (March)
  4. Astron (April)
  5. Thrimidge (May)
  6. Forelithe (June)
  7. Afterlithe (July)
  8. Wedmath (August)
  9. Halimath (September)
  10. Winterfilth (October)
  11. Blotmath (November)
  12. Foreyule (December)

Thrimidge, often written as Thrimich, is the fifth month of the Shire Calendar, lying between Astron and Forelithe, and approximately equivalent to modern May. In fact, it ran from modern 22 April to 21 May.[1]

[edit] Etymology

The name represents a modernization of the Old English name for May, þrimilce meaning "Three milk-givings".[2] As such, an archaic form of the name was Thrimilch.[1]


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