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User:Eldarion Telcontar/Google Maps for Arda

Google Maps for Arda is a Media Wiki extension that allows you to create maps of middle-earth easily and include them into your Wiki articles. With Google Maps for Arda Extension, you can:

  • Spice up articles with maps of anywhere in middle-earth
  • Add markers with descriptions and links to articles
  • Use the interactive editor's map to add markers and colored paths easily

[edit] What does it do?

The extension hooks into your MediaWiki installation in two ways: first, it defines a <googlemap> tag that translates a special syntax into a map with captioned markers. As the name implies, the extension is powered by the miraculous Google Maps API. The extension's syntax is easy; here's an example that will create a map with two captioned points:

<googlemap lat="-9.968851" lon="56.601563" zoom="3">
-7.67325, 58.072266, Minas Morgul
-7.499007, 47.525391, Minas Tirith

To help you make maps, the extension also adds a link on each Edit page that says "make a map". This will bring up an editor's map that you can click on to add points, and it will show you corresponding map syntax to paste into your article.

If you're interested check out the installation page.

[edit] Screenshot

Here's the Editor's Map in action.