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My name is Jacob Keener, but I have gone by the name Eldorion in online Tolkien fandom since early 2009, which is around the time I first became seriously active. Most of my fannish activities are centered around forums, but I frequently use TG as a reference and sporadically make edits here.


[edit] Name

My username is not a misspelling of Eldarion (Aragorn and Arwen's son), but was originally the name of a character I briefly played on the LOTR Fanatics Plaza. It means either "son of the star-land" (Numenor) or "son of the elf-land", as the element el- can mean either. My experience with role-playing ended up being very brief, but the name stuck around as a nickname for myself, and I have since used it on many other sites.

[edit] Background

I first read The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings in early 2004, when I was nine years old. Because of my age, my parents did not allow me to see the movies when they first came out, though I saw FOTR and ROTK several months after I read the books. I read The Silmarillion and Unfinished Tales in the following several years. In 2008, I got more serious about studying Tolkien after having been shown up at a party, and I first read The History of Middle-earth and The Letters of J.R.R. Tolkien around that time. My early participation in Tolkien forums was dominated by Lore debates and was a valuable educational experience for learning more about both Tolkien and rhetoric. Since the conclusion of The Hobbit film trilogy I'm semi-retired from more serious fannish activities, but I still dip my toes into Lore from time to time.

[edit] The Movies

I have been very critical of a number of changes made to the story of The Lord of the Rings by Peter Jackson, Fran Walsh, and Philippa Boyens. I feel that they missed the point of the story in several places and disliked their claims to Tolkien scholarship when that was not borne out by the films or by their comments in interviews. However, I have always distinguished between my opinion of the films as adaptations and my opinion of them purely as cinema. In the latter category, I have loved them since I first saw the entire trilogy at age 12, though as I've learned more about film I can see many of the flaws in them. Nonetheless, The Fellowship of the Ring remains one of my favorite movies.

I used to strongly identify as a Purist, and wrote a number of essays on the matter, but my opinion on some of these issues has changed with time. Furthermore, the wave of newly-minted purists who felt betrayed by The Hobbit trilogy, previously having believed Jackson to be a faithful adapter of Tolkien, was somewhat alienating to me, as I found myself disagreeing with many of them about the LOTR films, and also unhappy about the level of vitriol directed at Jackson personally from people who felt personally affronted at having the image of Jackson the Tolkien superfan punctured.

[edit] Forum staff

I was the moderator of the Movies forum at the LOTR Plaza for roughly a year, from October 2010 until August 2011, during the period when it was the most active English language Tolkien forum on the web. I was also the founder and owner/administrator of Forumshire: The Hobbit Movie Forum from February 2011 to January 2016, after having started the site for members of the's forum, which had just been shut down (the whole site is now offline). Forumshire grew to be the second-largest English language Tolkien forum, after, by 2013, and remained so for the remainder of my tenure as an administrator.

[edit] Website

I have a sporadically-updated tumblr blog focusing on Lore, called Nolondil.