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"All you have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to you."
Gandalf to Frodo Baggins
Justin James
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Kansas, Unite States
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[edit] Welcome Friend

Hello, my name is Justin, I live in Kansas and hope to be a film director in the future with The Lord of the Rings as my inspiration, and I am a fan of Tolkien's works such as The Lord of the Rings. I have experience with wiki code from editing various Wikia Databases and Wikipedia. Although I already had knowledge for it, I was really first introduced to The Lord of the Rings in Christmas of 2009 when my brother got Fellowship of the Ring as a present after he had read the books. When I first watched it, I totally ignored the whole film, but loved the music, and threw out a few "mock"s and some "is it almost over?s, but when it came to the ending sequence "The Breaking of the Fellowship" I changed my ways and said to myself "No, no, it can't be over yet!". I re-watched it a few months later and loved every bit of it. Two months later my younger brother got Return of the King for his birthday and we all loved it as well. Fourth of a year later we finally watched Two Towers, although I previously watched bits and pieces of it in 2004. I am also looking forward to the upcoming Hobbit movies coming 2012 in 2013 as well. I have read The Hobbit book already and I am currently reading The Lord of the Rings as well.

[edit] False Beliefs

Beforehand I prejudged everything related to Tolkien's works, although I knew very little... Hobbits: Based upon what I had heard about hobbits, I believed they were stinky, hairy, fat dwarfs that live in burrows underground and feast upon worms and mushrooms and would steal from their neighbors. Gollums: Yes, beforehand I believed Gollums were a race of a goblin like creature, and Sméagol was the name of that certain Gollum. I mixed the words "Gollum" with "Golem" thus my confusion began. Elves: I original thoughts were incorrect, as I believed Frodo was an elf. He had sharp ears and he was small. Plus the clip I saw of The Two Towers before hand, he was talking about "Elven Bread".