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[edit] The Silmarillion Index

  • Ivrin: "The lake and falls beneath Ered Wethrin where the river Narog rose." (119, 209) Under this entry, are also found the names "Pools of Ivrin" (113, 210, 215, 239) and "Falls of Ivrin" (120, 170). And a "See Eithel Ivrin".
  • Eithel Ivrin: glossed as "Ivrin's Well", and said to be "the source of the river Narog beneath Ered Wethrin". (209, 212)

[edit] The Silmarillion

Chapter 13: "When twenty years of the Sun had passed, Fingolfin King of the Noldor made a great feast; and it was held in the spring near to the pools of Ivrin, whence the swift river Narog rose, for there the lands were green and fair at the feet of the Mountains of Shadow that shielded them from the north."

Ch. 14: "There for many years was the realm of Turgon the wise, son of Fingolfin, bounded by the sea, and by Ered Lómin, and by the hills which continued the walls of Ered Wethrin westward, from Ivrin to Mount Taras, which stood upon a promontory."

Ch. 14: "And the River Narog rose in the falls of Ivrin in the southern face of Dor-lómin, ..."

Ch. 14: "...and they journeyed beside Narog to his source in the Falls of Ivrin."

Ch. 21: "...they passed westward over Sirion and came at length to Eithel Ivrin, the springs whence Narog rose beneath the Mountains of Shadow. There Gwindor spoke to Túrin, saying: 'Awake, Túrin son of Húrin Thalion! On Ivrin's lake is endless laughter. She is fed from crystal fountains unfailing, and guarded from defilement by Ulmo, Lord of Waters, who wrought her beauty in ancient days.' Then Túrin knelt and drank from that water; and suddenly he cast himself down, and his tears were unloosed at last, and he was healed of his madness.

Ch. 21: "And now they arose, and departing from Eithel Ivrin they journeyed southward along the banks of Narog,..."

Ch. 21: "...and so greatly did Gwindor love her beauty that he named her Faelivrin, which is the gleam of the sun on the pools of Ivrin."

Ch. 21: "Under the shadows of Ered Wethrin [Glaurung] defiled the Eithel Ivrin."

Ch. 21: "...he came with the first ice of winter to the pools of Ivrin, where before he had been healed. But they were now but a frozen mire, and he could drink there no more."

Ch. 23: "At length they came in their journeying to the Pools of Ivrin, and looked with grief on the defilement wrought there by the passage of Glaurung the Dragon."

[edit] Unfinished Tales

UT (I Of Tuor): "Where once the fair pool of Ivrin had lain in its great stone basin carved by falling waters, and all about it had been a tree-clad hollow under the hills, now he saw a land defiled and desolate. The trees were burned or uprooted; and the stone-marges of the pool were broken, so that the waters of Ivrin strayed and wrought a great barren marsh amid the ruin. All now was but a welter of frozen mire, and a reek of decay lay like a foul mist upon the ground."

"Woe was graven in his face, and when he beheld the ruin of Ivrin he cried aloud in grief, saying: 'Ivrin, Faelivrin! Gwindor and Beleg! Here once I was healed. But now never shall I drink the draught of peace again.'"