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Other namesMorgan
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Talk pageVaire

Hello I am Vaire a member of Tolkien Gateway. I joined in June 26, 2012 at 4:15. I am new and am having a bit of trouble when making links and refs. in editing. So if you see a link or ref. that is red and nothing links to that in might be me. But I will make sure that it will be fine. If I can't fix that link of ref. I'll get rid of it. But just so you know I might have some trouble.

[edit] History

I was born in Illinois. I was a good student, my favorite movie was always Lord of the Rings. I read a lot and was into fantasy and animals. I was good at math and science, and never liked spelling or soicel study. How I found Tolkien Gateway: How I found Tolkien Gateway was that at first their was a website called Thain's Book. It's like Tolkien Gateway because it all about Tolkiens work but it wasn't a wiki. Then one day when I went on to it I couldn't go on it because it was deleted, so I was trying to find a wiki or website that was all about Middle-Earth and Tolkiens work, and then I found Tolkien Gateway!

[edit] Edits

Most of my edits are little pieces of detail of someone's life, or I will create wanted pages. Most of the wanted pages I create are dates of events. Because we need to get 15,000 pages! So that is what most of my edit's will be about.