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Battle of Sarn Athrad

Battle of Sarn Athrad
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Date: F.A. 503
Place: The crossing at Sarn Athrad and the slopes of the Blue Mountains
Outcome: Complete destruction of the Dwarven host, recovery of the Nauglamír

Laiquendi, Ents

Dwarves of Nogrod



Completeley destroyed[1]

The Battle of Sarn Athrad was a fight between the Dwarves of Nogrod and Elves of Ossiriand after the Battle of the Thousand Caves and the sack of Menegroth.


[edit] History

[edit] Prelude

In F.A. 502[2] King Thingol of Doriath had asked Dwarves from Nogrod to remake the Nauglamír and set in it the Silmaril he had received from Beren. Dwarven craftsmen from Nogrod performed this task but in secret, they were determined to possess the finished work and carry it off to their mountain home. When Thingol was ready to place the completed necklace about his neck the Dwarves challenged his right to own it. He rebuked them and they slew the king. The Dwarves took the necklace and fled eastward. All but two were killed, the Nauglamír was retaken, and was brought back to Queen Melian. However, the two Dwarves who escaped went to Nogrod and spread a false tale that Thingol had had the Dwarves killed in Doriath to cheat them of their reward for fashioning the necklace.

The wrath of the Dwarves was kindled by the false report and long they plotted vengeance. Aid was sought from the Dwarves of Belegost but they denied it and tried to dissuade the Dwarves of Nogrod from their purpose.[1] Their attempt did not avail; in F.A. 503[2] Nogrod issued a great host that marched on Doriath. In the meantime, the grieving Melian left Middle-earth, which withdrew the Girdle of Melian that had long protected the realm. There was thus no hindrance when the Dwarves swept into Menegroth, fought and killed many Elves, and took the Nauglamír and other plunder.[1]

[edit] The Battle

Word of the host of Dwarves in war gear heading west had come to Beren and Lúthien, then dwelling on Tol Galen. Soon a messenger from Doriath came and revealed what had befallen. Beren, his son Dior, and a host of Green-elves of Ossiriand journeyed swiftly north to the river Ascar, which emptied into the Gelion near the Dwarf-road crossing at Sarn Athrad.[1]

Unaware of any peril, the reduced host of Dwarves burdened with the spoils of Doriath entered the ford. As they climbed up Gelion's banks the air filled with the sound of elven-horns and the shafts of arrows. Beren slew the Lord of Nogrod[3] and took from him the Nauglamír. Although most of the Dwarves were killed in the ford, some escaped and fled towards the mountains. However, as they climbed the slopes of Mount Dolmed, Ents came forth and drove the Dwarves into the forest, from which none escaped.[1]

[edit] Aftermath

This was Beren's last battle. As the Lord of Nogrod was dying he cursed all of the treasure taken from Doriath. Beren took the Nauglamír, washed it of blood, and took it back to Tol Galen for Lúthien. The rest of the treasure though was cast into the Ascar, which from then on carried the named Rathlóriel, the Goldenbed. Dior left his parents and took up the kingship in Doriath. After his parents died the recovered Nauglamír came to Dior. Eventually, news of the necklace and its Silmaril came to the sons of Fëanor who assaulted and destroyed Doriath.[1]


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