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Beyond Bree December 1984

Beyond Bree December 1984
Released: December 1984
Pages: 9½

Beyond Bree December 1984 is an issue of Beyond Bree, edited by Nancy Martsch. The issue reprints The Tengwar Numerals article from Quettar 13.[1]

[edit] Contents

  • "The Tengwar Numerals" by Christopher Tolkien
  • "The Cirth Numerals" & "The Names of the Numbers" by Nancy Martsch
  • "Dragon" ill. by Giovanna Fregni
  • Oxonmoot report by Christina Scull
  • The Hobbit illustrated by Michael Hague & the 1985 Tolkien Calendar, reviews by Christina Scull
  • "Donaldson's Double Trilogy" by Robert Acker
  • "Iron Tower" review by Michael McCausland
  • Responses to Tolkien Memorial Forest proposal
  • "How I First Learned About Tolkien" (readers' responses)
  • Letters, News[2]


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