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"Broadbeam dwarf" by Ben Wootten
General Information
LocationsMount Dolmed, either Belegost or Nogrod or both, Blue Mountains, Khazad-dûm
LanguagesKhuzdul, Sindarin
Memberseither Azaghâl or Telchar and Gamil Zirak

The Broadbeams were one of the seven houses of the Dwarves. They were originally paired with the Firebeards. The ancestor of the Broadbeams was among the oldest of the Seven Fathers of the Dwarves (together with the ancestors of the Firebeards and Longbeards).[1]

The Broadbeams (with the Firebeards) awoke in Mount Dolmed in the Blue Mountains, and lived there throughout the history of their people. These two houses built the great Dwarven cities of Nogrod and Belegost in the Blue Mountains, and dwelt in them before their ruining in the War of Wrath. It is not clear whether they shared the two cities or whether each house dwelt in its own.[2] In an earlier version of the legendarium the two cities are clearly inhabited by separate houses; however, Belegost is said to be the home of the Longbeards.[3]

[edit] Portrayal in adaptations

2002-5: The Lord of the Rings Roleplaying Game:

The House corresponding to the Broadbeams is called Linnar's Folk, said to reside mainly in the Iron Hills during the late Third Age.[4]

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