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Physical Description
LocationNorthern Ephel Dúath, west of the valley of Udûn
RealmsGondor (early); Mordor (later)
InhabitantsGondorians (early)
Orcs and other evil creatures (later)
General Information
EtymologyDark oppression (S)
ReferencesThe Return of the King

Durthang was an old fortress in the northern Mordor. It stood in the northern Ephel Dúath, on the slopes above the Isenmouthe.[1]

[edit] Overview

Durthang was originally a stronghold of Gondor, constructed during the early Third Age for overlooking Mordor after the War of the Last Alliance at the end of the Second Age. However, as Gondor’s power declined, Durthang was eventually abandoned. As Mordor became repopulated with Sauron’s servants, it became an Orcish stronghold.

During the War of the Ring, Frodo Baggins and Samwise Gamgee were on the road leading eastward from Durthang when a troop of Orcs from Durthang caught up with them. The Hobbits were disguised as Orcs and they were forced to march along with the troop for some distance before they were able to slip away.[2]

[edit] Portrayal in adaptations

2014:Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor:

Durthang is one of the strongholds in Udûn, which is the starting location of the game.


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