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Tower of Cirith Ungol

The name Cirith Ungol refers to more than one character, item or concept. For a list of other meanings, see Cirith Ungol (disambiguation).
The Tower of Cirith Ungol
Alan Lee - Cirith Ungol.jpg
"Cirith Ungol" by Alan Lee
General Information
LocationTop ridge of the Ephel Dúath
DescriptionBlack multi-tiered tower
People and History
EventsQuest of the Ring, Battle of Cirith Ungol
GalleryImages of the Tower of Cirith Ungol

The Tower of Cirith Ungol (Sindarin, "Spider's cleft") was a bastion in the pass of Cirith Ungol in the Ephel Dúath on the western border of Mordor.[1] Frodo was taken into the Tower and searched by Orcs, then rescued by Sam before they descended onto the Plateau of Gorgoroth.


[edit] History

The Tower of Cirith Ungol was originally a watchtower of Gondor, guarding the high pass and made by the Gondorians some time after the Siege of Barad-dûr. Its principal purpose was to defend Ithilien from attacks from Sauron's remaining servants. It also served to stop Sauron's servants from returning to Mordor.[2]

Gondor occupied the fortress until T.A. 1636 when the Great Plague killed large parts of Gondor's population.[3] After the plague, Gondor never again manned the Tower of Cirith Ungol and evil was allowed to return to Mordor. Similar fates suffered the mountain fortress of Durthang in north-western Mordor, and the Towers of the Teeth at the Morannon.[4]

[edit] War of the Ring

On 13 March 3019, Orcs from the Tower, under the command of Shagrat, captured Frodo after finding his unconscious body in the Pass below.[5] They carried his body through the Under-way and into the Undergate that, besides the main gate, was the only entrance to the Tower. After overhearing Shagrat and Gorbag talking, Sam realized that Frodo had only been paralysed by Shelob and not killed as he had first thought. Sam was too late to gain entry through the Undergate and knocked himself senseless trying to get in.[6]

When Sam awoke on 14 March he determined to enter the main gate to find Frodo.[5] Mastering his fears, Sam came to the main gate and was halted by the malevolent will of the Two Watchers, stone statues flanking either side of the gate, topped with three vulture-faces each and endowed with spirits of evil. Holding aloft the Phial of Galadriel Sam overcame their will and thrust through the gate, but the Watchers let forth a shrill cry that was echoed by a harsh bell above.

In the meantime, the orcs had searched Frodo. When they found the shirt of mithril mail Frodo was wearing a quarrel over the spoils erupted. A contingent of orcs from Minas Morgul led by Gorbag fought Shagrat and his company for possession of the mithril. The fighting spread throughout the tower and most of the orcs on both sides were killed, making it possible for Sam to proceed and rescue Frodo. Although Sam fought Shagrat the Orc got away, bearing Frodo's gear to Barad-dûr. Sam finally found Frodo in the topmost chamber after killing Snaga. Sam returned the One Ring to Frodo, dressed him and gathered food and gear, and they left the tower. On the way out their use of the Phial caused the gateway to crumble behind them.[7]

[edit] Appearance

The Tower stood against the mountain face near the highest ridge of the Ephel Dúath. From the west only the round, topmost turret was visible. The turret was supported by three great tiers that jutted out in a sharp angle, pointing eastward into Mordor. The lowest tier was encircled by a battlemented wall that enclosed a narrow court. The main gate pierced the south-eastern wall. A broad road ran along a precipice from the gate down to a southward bend and down to the road through the Morgul Pass. A narrower path led up from the gate by stairs to Cirith Ungol.[2]

Tolkien made three drawings of the Tower where only the turret is visible[8], and one with the entire bastion [9]. This last picture depicts the Tower in an earlier stage of writing, with four tiers.

[edit] Portrayal in adaptations

2003: The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King:

In Scene 43, "The Choices of Master Samwise", Frodo first sees the turret at the top of the tower through a narrow cleft, with a single red light glowing. Frodo is stung by Shelob, Sam fights and defeats the spider, and then Shagrat and orcs come upon Frodo's body. There is no Under-way or Undergate; the Orcs carry the body up the path with Sam following behind.
In Scene 58, "The Tower of Cirith Ungol" (Extended Version), the view zooms into a window of the turret to show Frodo, still unconscious, lying on the floor while Shagrat and Gorbag go through his possessions. Frodo awakes while the two Orcs find the Mithril coat. Unlike their roles in the book, Shagrat wants the coat for himself while Gorbag insists it goes to Sauron. A fight breaks out that soon envelopes all of the Orcs in the Tower. As the Orcs slaughter each other, Sam approaches the gate and spies the Two Watchers. The scene jumps to Sam inside the gate without showing the contest of wills. Sam climbs the inside of the tower and his shadow scares four Orcs, including Shagrat himself, descending the stairs. Sam kills three of the Orcs while Shagrat escapes with the Mithril coat. In the turret room Frodo struggles to free himself, attracting the attention of Gorbag, who threatens to bleed him "like a stuck pig". However, the point of Sting suddenly pops out of Gorbag's chest as Sam kills the Orc. Sam reluctantly returns the Ring to Frodo and they dress themselves as Orcs before they leave the Tower. Their escape past the Two Watchers is not shown.
The Tower's appearance in the film closely matches the text, a tiered bastion of dark stone with a turret bearing a red light at the top.


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