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Lótessë was the name for the month of the year (asta) that followed the month Víressë and preceded the month Nárië. It was the fifth month in the King's Reckoning and the Stewards' Reckoning. After the introduction of New Reckoning, the year started with Víressë so Lótessë became the second month.[1]

Lótessë was approximately equivalent to Thrimidge (running from modern 22 April and 21 May in the King's Reckoning or 23 April and 22 May in the Stewards' Reckoning).

[edit] Etymology

The word includes the word lótë, "blossom". Lótessë was the Quenya name inherited from Númenor and traditionally used by the Westron-speaking peoples. The Dúnedain themselves however used the Sindarin name of the month, Lothron.[1]

[edit] Inspiration

As the Númenorean calendars seem to be based on the French Republican Calendar, the name and meaning of the month corresponds to the month Floréal, meaning "flowery".[2]


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