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"Who told you, and who sent you?" — Gandalf
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Physical Description
LocationRunning from the Misty Mountains through central Mirkwood to the Celduin
RealmsWoodland Realm?
InhabitantsUsed by Dwarves
General Information
Other namesRoad of the Dwarves (translation)
EtymologyS. men "road" + i "the" + Naugrim "dwarves"
ReferencesReferences needed

Men-i-Naugrim (S. men "road, way" + in "the, who" + Naugrim "dwarves") was the straight road that ran eastward out of the Misty Mountains, across the Anduin, and directly through the central parts of Mirkwood. It was apparently built as a trade-route by the Dwarves, and dated back to at least the late Second Age, and probably considerably earlier. It was more commonly known simply as the Forest Road.