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Grey Havens

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Grey Havens
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General Information
Other namesMithlond
LocationWestern Eriador, central Lindon
DescriptionAn important coastal port, at the mouth of the Lhûn river
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The Grey Havens, also known as Mithlond, was a seaport on the Gulf of Lune at the mouth of the River Lhûn in western Eriador.[1]


[edit] History

Founded by the Elves of Lindon in S.A. 1,[2] the Grey Havens were afterwards used by any of the Elves (whether Noldor, Sindar, or Silvan Elf) to leave Middle-earth for Valinor. Círdan was Lord of the Havens, but throughout the Second Age Ereinion Gil-galad, High King of the Noldor, ruled all of Lindon from the Grey Havens.[2]

In S.A. 600, Entulessë, a Númenórean ship headed by Captain Vëantur, arrived in Mithlond. It was the first time the Númenóreans landed in Middle-earth.[3][4]

About T.A. 1000 the Istari or Wizards arrived in Middle-earth at the Grey Havens. Círdan, upon meeting Gandalf, gave him Narya, the Elven Ring of Fire.[5]

In T.A. 1975, Prince Eärnur of Gondor brought a Gondorian fleet to the Grey Havens to aid Arthedain against Angmar. The fleet was so massive that the ships of Gondor filled the Grey Havens, as well as Forlond and Harlond.[6]

In T.A. 3018,[5] Círdan sent Galdor of the Havens "on an errand" to Rivendell and he became Círdan's representative at the Council of Elrond.[7]

Following the defeat of Sauron and the crowning of King Aragorn Elessar in the War of the Ring, Gandalf, Elrond, and Galadriel left Middle-earth for Valinor from the Grey Havens. The Last Riding of the Keepers was accompanied by Bilbo Baggins and Frodo Baggins, who were given the honor of taking the Straight Road because they had both been a Ring-bearer.[8] Years later Fairbairn family tradition held that Samwise Gamgee in Fo.A. 61 also sailed West from the Grey Havens because he too had been a Ring-bearer, even if just briefly.[9] It is also said that after the death of King Elessar, Legolas sailed to the Valinor and took Gimli with him.

It is unclear how long the Grey Havens lasted into the Fourth Age, as the number of Elves dwindled with the coming of the "Age of Men". Supposedly Círdan remained at the Havens until the last ship left from Middle-earth for the Blessed Realm.

[edit] Etymology

Mithlond translates as "Grey Havens" in Sindarin (from mith "grey" and lond "harbour").[10]

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