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Sack of Eregion

"...It is a long tale..." — Aragorn
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Sack of Eregion
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Conflict: War of the Elves and Sauron
Date: S.A. 1697
Place: Eregion
Outcome: Destruction of Eregion, founding of Imladris, Doors of Durin shut

Host of Elves of Eregion, Elves of Lindon, Galadhrim, and Dwarves of Khazad-dum

Hosts of Mordor


Måns Björkman - Fëanor device.gifCelebrimbor

John Howe - Icon Mordor 1 small.pngSauron


Large force of Elves of Eregion, Elves of Lindon, Galadhrim,[1] and Dwarves of Khazad-dum

Large force of Orcs, Evil Men, and other creatures of Sauron


Many Elves and Dwarves; most notably Celebrimbor


The Sack of Eregion was the campaign in which Sauron destroyed Eregion to find the three Elven Rings of power or to find out where they are by torture. He also scattered the Elves that lived there.


[edit] Background

In S.A. 1200, Sauron came to Eregion in disguise, claiming to be an emissary of the Valar sent to offer aid to the Eldar. Although rejected by Gil-galad, he was able to win over Celebrimbor and the smiths of Eregion. The brotherhood of smiths, the Gwaith-i-Mírdain, profited from his knowledge[1] and around 1500 they began forging the Rings of Power, finishing them in 1590.[2] Unbeknownst to them, Sauron (who had returned to Mordor) created a master Ring to rule the others. However, Celebrimbor perceived the designs of Sauron and prevented use of the Three Rings.

[edit] The Battle

Infuriated by Celebrimbor's defiance, Sauron led a host out of Mordor.[1] In S.A. 1695, this army ravaged Eriador from the south.[2] Gil-galad sent out a force under the command of Elrond which joined with Celebrimbor, but they were unable to prevent Sauron from conquering Eregion.

In S.A. 1697, Ost-in-Edhil fell, with Celebrimbor himself leading a last desperate defence on the steps of the Jewel-smiths' guild house. He was taken captive by the Orcs, tormented into revealing the location of the Rings of Power, then shot through with Orc-arrows, and by some accounts, Sauron used Celebrimbor's body as a banner as he turned to face Elrond's army approaching from the north.

Elrond would have been overwhelmed but for an attack upon Sauron's force from the rear by Dwarves of Khazad-dûm and a force of Galadhrim lead by Amroth.[1] Elrond was able to gather what remained of the Elves of Eregion and retreated northward.[1]

Other survivors escaped into Khazad-dûm and were granted passage by their friends the Dwarves, coming eventually through the Mountains to the woodlands that would long afterwards be called Lórien.[1]

[edit] Aftermath

Elrond, Celeborn, Elves of Lindon, and other Elves who fled the destruction of Eregion, established Imladris in S.A. 1697.[2][1] Many more refugees joined Elrond's host as Sauron ravaged Eriador during the course of the war. By S.A. 1700, Imladris, despite being besieged, was the only part of Eriador not under Sauron's control. It was liberated by Gil-galad's and Tar-Minastir's forces. After Sauron's defeat, a Council was held at that time, establishing Elrond as Gil-galad's vice-regent in Eriador and that Imladris should be maintained as an Elvish stronghold.[3]

Many survivors of Eregion also sailed West after their realm was sacked.[1]

Once the Dwarves returned to Khazad-dûm, the Doors of Durin were shut and remained so until the Fellowship of the Ring came there thousands of years later.[1]


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