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Sleep of Yavanna

Sleep of Yavanna
Other namesPeace of Arda
DateYears of the Trees
Part ofYears of the Trees
Participantsanimals and plants
DescriptionAn event in which the creations of Yavanna fell silent for ages

The Sleep of Yavanna is a period of the very ancient times of Arda.

The two great Lamps of the Valar which were giving light to the World during the Spring of Arda were destroyed by Melkor along with the Valar's dwellings on Almaren, driving them away into the West. Thus the Great Lands were left in darkness, and Yavanna protected the creatures living there by setting them to sleep until light should come again.

It was during the Sleep of Yavanna when Varda created the stars and the Elves awoke. Only Dwarves and Elves roamed the Middle-earth which was lit only by the stars, and most creatures were sleeping. Most life could be found in Doriath under the guidance of Melian; and in the North, where Orcs and other creatures of the Enemy multiplied.[1]

After the Darkening of Valinor and the death of the Two Trees, it was the rising of the Sun that finally returned light to Middle-earth and a second Spring of Arda.

[edit] References

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