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"... The World Ahead" to 2007
2008 to A Journey In The Dark (soundtrack)
A Journey in the Dark to Ambush at Weathertop
Amdir to Anarrima
Anarríma to Arch of Ingwë
Arch of Inwe to Bal
Balan to Bernard Hill
Bernard Mayes to Brian Talbot
Brianne Siddall to Certhas
Certhas Daeron to Cáno
Cánë to Dor-Lómin
Dor-Winion to Eastfold
Eastlands of Numenor to Encyclopedia of Arda
End to Fang (dog)
Fanga to First Age 448
First Age 450 to Fréa
Fréaláf to Glenn Yarbrough
Gleowine to Grór
Guard-captain Unnarr to Helke
Hell-hawk to House of the Wing
Houses to Irina Horea
Iris to John Justin
John Kettle 15 March 1942 to Kirinkir
Kirstin Jeffrey Johnson to Letter 107
Letter 108 to Letter to "My Dear People"
Letter to "My dear Ladies" to Linquë súrisse
Linta to MEN
MEP to March of Maedhros
Marchbuck Family to Middle-earth: The Riddles
Middle-earth: The Role-playing Game set in J.R.R. Tolkien's World to Mount Ever-white
Mount Fang to Nauglamir
Nauglamír to Numerramar
Nunatan to Oraearon
Orald to Patricia Kirke 28 March 1956
Patricia Reynolds to Proudneck
Prunella Scales to Rick Porras
Riddermark to S.A. 192
S.A. 203 to Second Age 2221
Second Age 2251 to Silmarils
Silmariën to Stone-giants
Stone-houses to TA 748
TA 777 to The Annals of Aman
The Annals of Valinor to The Goths
The Grace of Undómiel to The Lord of the Rings Fan Club Official Movie Magazine
The Lord of the Rings Fan Club Official Movie Magazine 1 to The Shire (Videogame)
The Shire (book) to Third Age 1635
Third Age 1636 to Third Age 2948
Third Age 2949 to Tolkien 2005
Tolkien 2005: The Ring Goes Ever On to Turin II
Turin Turambar to Valedictory Address to the University of Oxford
Valentine Dyall to West of the Mountains, East of the Sea
West of the World to Yén
Yéni to 엔에이치엔 주식회사