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"... The World Ahead" to 1985
1986 to AIWĒ-
AK to Alduya
Aldëa to Amon Hen 57
Amon Hen 58 to April 24
April 25 to August 18
August 19 to Battle of the pelennor
Battle of the sudden flame to Bolgers
Bolli to Calmatéma
Calmindon to Cobas
Cobas Haven to December 11
December 12 to Dunedain of Arnor
Dunedain of the North to Eldarin
Eldarin week to Ered Luin Introduction (The Lord of the Rings Online)
Ered Luin Prologue to Fay-star
Fays to Firth of Rómenna
Fish to Galadriel
Galadriel's Lament to Godfrey Kenton
Gods to Gwaith-i-Mírdain (song)
Gwanur to Herumor
Herumor (The New Shadow) to Hurin Thalion
Hurin of Emyn Arnen to Isengard
Isengard (LOTRRPG) to John Rateliff
John Rhys-Davies to Kirinkir
Kirstin Jeffrey Johnson to Leslie Ellen Jones
Leslie Holloway November 1969 to Letter 83
Letter 84 to Light Beyond All Shadow
Light Beyond All Shadows to Lynn Maudlin
Lynnette Porter to Mansion of Aulë
Mansions of Aule to Methed
Methed-en-glad to Morgul-knives
Morgul-spell to Nainië
Naith to Nornore
Nornorë to Oiomurë
Oiomúre to Oxonmoot 2007
Oxonmoot 2008 to Pinnath Gelin
Pipe-weed to Ranulph Stainer
Ras to Roger Verhulst 3 May 1966
Roger Verhulst 4 December 1967 to Sagar
Sagroth to September 19
September 2 to Songs for the Philologists
Songs from Rivendell to Súrion
Súriquesse to Tar calmacil
Tar ciryatan to The Children of Hurin Release Party
The Children of Hurin Signed Limited Edition to The Hobbit Companion
The Hobbit Desk Calendar 1978 to The Mouth of Sauron (scene)
The Mouth of Sauron (soundtrack) to The Tolkien Journal
The Tolkien Name in History to Third Age 2338
Third Age 2340 to Third Age 899
Third Age 913 to Tolkien Society (UK)
Tolkien Society of America to Tyellë
Tyelpe to Ve
Veaneldar to White Council
White Downs to Yôzâyan
Yúnece to 엔에이치엔 주식회사