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"A Far Green Country" to 20 February
20 January to A Philological Miscellany
A Philological Miscellany Presented to Eilert Ekwall to Amon Darthir
Amon Din to Andreas Möhn
Andreth to Argentine Tolkien Association
Argirion to Bar-en-Danwedh
Bar-en-Nibin-noeg to Bilbo Slider Puzzle
Bill to Buckland
Buckland Gate to Chris Fairbank
Chris Peters to Daniel Smith
Daniel Steven Smith to Draksjukan
Dramborleg to Eileen Elgar 5 March 1964
Eilenach to Ephel Brandir
Ephel Duath to Fea and hroa
Feagwaith to Forodwaith (disambiguation)
Forodwaith (lands) to Gene B. Hardy
Gene Deitch to Great Lands
Great March to Harad (book)
Harad Road to Holbytlan
Holdwine to Imladris
Imladris, Danmarks Tolkienforening to January 1
January 10 to Kinder Surprise
Kindi to Leaves of Lórien
Leaving Rivendell to Letter 342
Letter 343 to Lord of the rings aragorn's quest
Lord of the rings aragorns quest to Maitë
Maiwe to Men of Numenor
Men of Númenor to Mithrellas
Mithril to N.J. Kyle 17 January 1973
N.N. to Norman Power
Norman Power 8 July 1973 to Old Forest Road
Old Friends to Pain
Paksu to Porto Baggins
Posco Baggins to Return of the Heroes
Return of the Noldor to Russa
Russandol to Seat of Seeing
Sebastian to Siege of Erebor
Siege of Gondor to Steward
Steward Cirion to TA 411
TA 420 to The 1990 NOT Tolkien Calendar
The 1991 J.R.R. Tolkien Calendar to The Halfling
The Happy Mariners to The Lord of the Rings Symphony
The Lord of the Rings Trading Card Game to The Tolkien Calendar 1989
The Tolkien Calendar 1990 to Third Age 2455
Third Age 2459 to Thorin Oakenshield
Thorin Stonehelm to Tolkiens arv to Under-hill
Under-way to Voronwe of Gondolin
Voronwë to Witnesses of Manwë
Wives of the Elf-Fathers to 엔에이치엔 주식회사