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"... The World Ahead" to 1986
1987 to ALAT
AM to Alexander John
Alexandra Astin to Amon Hen 71
Amon Hen 72 to Ar-Abattârik
Ar-Adunakhor to Aulendil
Aulendil (Sauron) to Beau-Jolly
Beautiful Place because Trees are Loved to Bored of the Rings
Bored of the Rings (book) to Captains of the Outlands
Captains of the West to Computer games
Conan Stevens to Deirdre Levinson 26 June 1957
Deirdre Levinson 28 April 1956 to Dwarf-road (disambiguation)
Dwarf-road of Beleriand to Elessar
Elessar (disambiguation) to Esmeralda Took
Essais de philologie moderne (1951) to Fell Winter of the Third Age
Fell beast to Ford of Brithiach
Ford of Bruinen to Gandalf the Grey polystone statue
Gandalf the White to Gorbulas Brandybuck
Gorcrow to Haldan
Haldar to Hill of Spies
Hill of Tears to II 471
II 500 to Iôr
Iúmonna Gold Galdre Bewunden to July 30
July 31 to La mastro de l' ringoj
Labadal to Letter 173
Letter 174 to Letter to G.E. Selby (14 December 1937)
Letter to G.E. Selby (1955/6) to Little Kingdom
Little Lune to MERP: Halls of the Elven-king
MERP: Hands of the Healer to Mark Wolf
Marmadas Brandybuck to Middle-earth Role Playing
Middle-earth Role Playing: The Role Playing Game of J.R.R. Tolkien's W... to Mountains of Moria
Mountains of Shadow to Nazgul
Nazgul-bird to Numerramar
Nunatan to Onodlo
Onodló to Parma Nölé 7
Parma Nölé 8 to Prisoner of the Free Peoples
Prisoners of Gravity to Rhaew
Rhain to Rushy
Russa to Sea of Windless Storm
Sea of rhun to Shirebourn
Shiro no Norite to Standing Stone
Stanley P. Baldwin to TA 1191
TA 1194 to Ten (disambiguation)
Tengwa to The Fall of Gondolin
The Fall of Nargothrond to The Lighting of the Beacon
The Lighting of the Beacons to The Return of the King (scene)
The Return of the King (soundtrack) to The hunt for gollum
The later Annals of Beleriand to Third Age 2806
Third Age 2807 to Timothy J. Wheeler
Timothy J. Wheeler 10 January 1966 to Tower of Avallone
Tower of Avallonë to Unquendor
Unquendor's Third Lustrum Calendar 1997 to Wain
Wainrider/Balchoth War to Wolvercote
Wolvercote Cemetery to 엔에이치엔 주식회사