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"... The World Ahead" to 2007
2008 to A Journey in the Dark
A Journey in the Dark (scene) to Amdir (Shadows of Angmar)
Amdir (Sindarin word) to Anarya
Anaxarta to Arch of Inwë
Archet to Balannor
Balar to Bernard Rebel
Bernie Zuber to Bridge Inn
Bridge inn to Ces
Ces- to Cára
Câno to Dor-en-Ernil
Dor-lomin to Eastlands of Númenor
Eastmarch to Ender
Enderi to Fangli
Fangluin to First Age 451
First Age 455 to Fréaláf Hildeson
Fréawine to Glin
Glingal to Guard of the Citadel
Guard of the Tower of Gondor to Hell-hawks
Hell hawk to Houses of the dead
How We Became Middle-earth to Irmo
Irmo (Lórien) to John Livesey
John McAndrew to Kloos
Knife of Curufin to Letter 111
Letter 112 to Letter to A.W. Riddle (2 October 1947)
Letter to Agatha Carew Hunt to Lions
Lire to MEP: Map of Middle-earth
MEP: The Mirror Of Galadriel to Mardil Voronwe
Mardil Voronwë to Middle-earth: The Wizards Player Guide
Middle-earth: Visions of a Modern Myth to Mount Rerir
Mount Sunday to Nauro
Navarot to Nurn
Nurnen to Oranor
Orbelain to Paul Barnetson 13 November 1961
Paul Bibire to Przemyslaw Mroczkowski 196?
Przemyslaw Mroczkowski 20–26 January 1964 to Riddles in the Dark
Riddles in the Dark (podcast) to S.A. 377
S.A. 382 to Second Age 2516
Second Age 2526 to Silvan
Silvan Elves to Stone of Annúminas
Stone of Erech to TA 899
TA 913 to The Art of Ruth Lacon
The Art of The Fellowship of the Ring to The Great River (scene)
The Great River (soundtrack) to The Lord of the Rings Film Calendar 1980
The Lord of the Rings Foreword to The Sillymarillion
The Silmarillion to Third Age 1789
Third Age 1798 to Third Age 2963
Third Age 2964 to Tolkien Calendar 1997 (Italian)
Tolkien Calendar 1997 (Polish) to Tvistur
Twelve Houses of Gondolin to Valimar
Valinor to Westgate of Moria
Westlands to Zane Weiner
Zaragamba Family to 엔에이치엔 주식회사