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"... The World Ahead" to 2007
2008 to A Hobbit's Journal
A Hobbit's Travels to Ambarto
Ambarussa to Anardil of Gondor
Anardil of Numenor to Aravir
Aravorn to Bagme Bloma
Bagmē Blōma to Bereth
Bergil to Bri, Tolkienselskabet i København
Bri (Tolkien Society) to Cemendur of Númenor
Central de JOCS S.L. to Cushing Memorial Library and Archives collection
Cuthalion to Doomsman of the Valar
Door of Night to East Sea
East Wall of Rohan to Emyn Eglain
Emyn Muil to Falmari
Falmarin to First Age 416
First Age 417 to From Hobbiton to the Woody End
From Mind to Mind to Glanhir
Glanhír to Gror
Groth to Helcaraxë
Helce to House of the Heavenly Arch
House of the Hundred Chimneys to Inzilbêth
Iona and Peter Opie 25 November 1951 to John Bott
John Bryning to Kings of Rhudaur
Kings of Rohan to Less Can Be More
Lesser Market to Letter 85
Letter 86 to Lindens
Lindir to Lúthien Tinúviel
Lúva to March 21
March 22 to Michaël Devaux
Michel Delving to Morwinyon
Morë to Narsilion (band)
Naruka to November 5
November 6 to Ondor
Ondosto to Parma lambe Quenyanna
Parmaitë to Prologue: A Ring's Tale
Prologue: A Ring's Tale (1978 scene) to Rhudaur
Rhun to Rómendacil I
Rómendacil II to Second Age 1574
Second Age 1590 to Sigelwara Land
Sigin to Steven M. Kramer
Steven White, Jr. to TA 324
TA 339 to The 1986 J.R.R. Tolkien Calendar
The 1986 Tolkien Calendar to The Foot of Orthanc
The Forbidden Pool to The Lord of the Rings: the Motion Picture Trilogy
The Lord of the Rings & The Two Towers to The Science of Middle-earth
The Science of Middle Earth to Third Age 1300
Third Age 1304 to Third Age 2911
Third Age 2912 to Tolkien's View
Tolkien's World to Tumhalad
Tumladen to Vaiya
Vakko to Weapons and Warfare
Weather Hills to Yellowskin
Yen to 엔에이치엔 주식회사