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"... The World Ahead" to 1985
1986 to AIWĒ-
AK to Aldëa
Aldúya to Amon Hen 60
Amon Hen 61 to April 28
April 29 to August 21
August 22 to Battlepit
Battles of Beleriand to Bombur
Bonfire Glade to Cam Clarke
Cambridge to Coire
Coirë to December 2
December 20 to Dunhere
Dunhir to Eldest Speech
Electronic Arts to Erelas
Erellont to Feanorian dialect
Feanorian lamp to Flame Imperishable
Flame of Anor to Galadrim
Galadwen to Golden Tree
Golden Triangle to Gwathren
Gwathui to Hidden King
Hidden Kingdom to Hyamentir
Hyarastorni to Isenguard
Isenmouth to Jolly Cotton
Jon Brackenbrook to Korlambë
Kormallen to Letter 103
Letter 104 to Letter 96
Letter 97 to Limhir
Limhîr to Lókë
Lómin to Many Partings
Map to Michael Blashka late 1960s
Michael D.C. Drout to Moria: The Dwarven City
Moria (1994 book) to Nan (Giant)
Nan (Sindarin noun) to North Gate of Gondolin
North Germanic languages to Old Gammidgy
Old Grange to PE12
PE13 to Plotz declensions
Plum Trees to Ravines
Ravines of Taeglin to Romania
Romantic Religion to Samizdat
Sammath Naur to Seregon
Sergeant Redroot to Sotheby's Catalogue of Valuable Autograph Letters, Literary Manuscript...
Sotheby's English Literature, History, Children's Books, Illustrations... to T.A. 1191
T.A. 1194 to Targon
Tarhil to The Clash of Kings
The Clash of Kings - Aragorn VS The King of Dead to The Horn Book Magazine
The Hornburg to The New Lay of Gudrún
The New Lay of the Volsungs to The Tower of Cirith Ungol (scene)
The Tower of Cirith Ungol and Shelob's Lair to Third Age 2477
Third Age 2480 to Thomas Robins
Thor to Tolkien Thing
Tolkien Through Russian Eyes to Tûn
Tûr to Vilvarin
Vilverin to White dwarf
White pillar to ÁNAK
ÁS-AT to 엔에이치엔 주식회사