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"... The World Ahead" to 1985
1986 to AK
AK- to Alex Lewis
Alexander Cameron to Amon Hen 7
Amon Hen 70 to Ar-
Ar-Abattarik to August 5
August 6 to Beacon
Beacon-hills to Book of Lost Tales pt 1
Book of Mazarbul to Cantos of the Lay of Leithian
Cantos of the Lay of the Leithian to Comic-Con
Comic-Con 2001 to Decipher Cards
Decipher Inc. to Durin IV
Durin V to Elendë
Elenion to Eruhíni
Erui to February 7
February 8 to Folde
Folk of Haleth to Gamwich Family
Gandalf to Gondor Sindarin
Gondor in Flames to Hador (word)
Hador Lorindol to Hildifons Took
Hildigard Took to I-Palantir
I-affection to Ithilien
Ithron to July 1
July 10 to LOTR
LOTRO to Letter 15
Letter 150 to Letter to Dick Plotz (8 April 1968)
Letter to Donald A. Wollheim to List of Museum Replicas
List of Place Names to MEQ
MERP to Mardil Voronwë
Maret Kernumees to Middle-earth: The Riddles
Middle-earth: The Role-playing Game set in J.R.R. Tolkien's World to Mounds of Mundburg
Mount Caradhras to Narrows
Narrows of the Forest to November 2
November 20 to Omentielva
Omentielva Minya to Parma Eldalamberon 12
Parma Eldalamberon 13 to Powers
Powers of Arda to Reminiscences
Reminiscences of J.R.R. Tolkien to Rudibert Bolger
Rudigar Bolger to Scarlet Heart
Scary to Sheep-lord
Shelly Shapiro to Species named after Tolkien's works
Specter to T.A. 748
T.A. 777 to Teeth of Mordor
Teeth of Mordor (book) to The Eadigan Saelidan
The Eagle and Child to The Languages of Middle Earth
The Languages of Tolkien's Middle-earth to The Plants of Middle-earth
The Plotz Declension to The White Tree
The White Tree Fund to Third Age 2733
Third Age 2734 to Théoden
Théoden's Decision to Tom (son of Nan)
Tom Bombadil to Undergate
Underharrow to Voluspá
Volwe to Wingfoot
Wingildi to Órë
Ósanwe to 엔에이치엔 주식회사