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"... The World Ahead" to 1985
1986 to AK
AK- to Alex Lewis
Alexander Cameron to Amon Hen 7
Amon Hen 70 to Ar-
Ar-Abattarik to Augusy
Aule to Beast of Gondolin
Beasts of Tolkien to Books in Tolkien's library
Bor to Captain of the Haven
Captain of the King's Ships to Common Elvish
Common Speech to Deeping-stream
Deeping Wall to Dwaling
Dwarf to Elephant
Elephants to Eryn Vorn
Erynwen to Fell Beast
Fell Beasts to Following the Orcs
Fonstad to Gandalf (disambiguation)
Gandalf (fanzine) to Good and Evil in The Lord of the Rings
Goodbody Family to Hal G. P. Colebatch
Hal Gamgee to Hill Trolls
Hill of Erech to II 32
II 350 to Ivon
Ivonwin to July 20
July 21 to LSG
LT1 to Letter 163
Letter 164 to Letter to Elena Jeronimides
Letter to Elizabeth Jennings to List of tolkien encyclopaedias
List of tolkien encyclopedias to MERP: Denizens of the Dark Wood
MERP: Dol Guldur to Marish
Mariët Theune to Middle-earth Campaign Guide
Middle-earth Collectible Card Game to Mountain-troll
Mountain-trolls to Nate Whisperwood
Nathalie Kotowski to November 8
November 9 to Ondoher
Ondolinde to Parma Eldalamberon 8
Parma Eldalamberon 9 to Primitive Quendian
Primrose Boffin to Retarded Creatures and Caverns
Rethe to Ruling Queen of Númenor
Ruling Queens of Númenor to Scourge of Khazad-dûm
Scourge of the Dragons to Ship kings
Ship of Long-foam to Springs
Sprite to T. Kevin Amthor
TA to Telf
Telimektar to The Entmoot Decides
The Epic Realm of Tolkien to The Lay of Earendel
The Lay of Eärendel to The Quest of Erebor
The Real Middle-earth to The Worm
The Wronged to Third Age 2772
Third Age 2774 to Tilkal
Tillsammans med Tolkien to Tombs
Tomling to Ungolianth
Ungoliont to Víressë
to Witch-king of Angmar
Witch King to Ûmor
Ýneg to 엔에이치엔 주식회사