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"... The World Ahead" to 1987
1988 to AM-
ANA to Alina Dadlez 19 September 1962
Alina Dadlez 20 July 1962 to Amon Hen 88
Amon Hen 89 to Ar adunakhor
Ar belzagar to Auta-
Auth to Beleg of Arthedain
Belegaer to Borondir Udalraph
Borthand to Carl (son of Cottar)
Carl Cotton to Corollairë
Coron to Dernhelm in Battle
Derrick Parnum 2 March 1955 to Dwimorberg - The Haunted Mountain
Dwimorberg glen to Elizabeth Solopova
Elizabethan Acting to Eucatastrophe
Eva Heilborn 19 April 1972 to Filibert Bolger
Film Frame Collectible to Forodrim
Forodwaith to Gates of Morn
Gates of Morning to Grafton
Grafton Books to Hallacar
Hallas to Hither Shore
Hither Shore (journal) to Iach
Ian Brodie to J.R.R. Tolkien: A Descriptive Bibliography
J.R.R. Tolkien: A Life Inspired to KHELEK
KHEN to Lamb's Farm, Gedling
Lamb and Flag to Letter 224
Letter 225 to Letter to Ken Jackson (4 January 1968)
Letter to Kenneth I. Rasmussen, Jr. to Longbeards
Longbottom to MERP: Warlords of the Desert
MERP: Weathertop, Tower of the Wind to Matthew Vernon
Matěj Čadil to Minas Tirith Evening-Star
Minas Tirith Evening-Star (Volume 12, Number 2) to Music Drama in Schools
Music Inspired by Middle Earth to Nevill Coghill
Nevrast to Númenórë (map)
Númenοr to Orodreth of Nargothrond
Orodrim to Pen
Pen- to Queen of Númenor
Queen of the Earth to Ring-day
Ring-finder to S.A. 711
S.A. 712 to Second Age 3175
Second Age 3177 to Silverlode
Silvertine to Stonewain Valley
Stoning-land to TA 979
TC to The Art of The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien
The Art of The Lord of the Rings to The Gospel According to Tolkien
The Goths to The Lord of the Rings Appendix
The Lord of the Rings Calendar 2001 to The Shadow Of The Past (soundtrack)
The Shadow of the Past to Third Age 1473
Third Age 1490 to Third Age 2933
Third Age 2934 to Tolkien: A Cultural Phenomenon
Tolkien: A Look Behind The Lord of the Rings to Tulukhedelgorūs
Tum to Vai
Vaia to Water of Awakening
Waterfalls to Year of the Trees 1115
Year of the Trees 1125 to 엔에이치엔 주식회사