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General Information
LocationBay of Andúnië, Númenor
People and History
DestroyedPresumably during the Downfall of Númenor

Almaida was a shoreland town that apparently lay on the Bay of Andúnië in the north-western region of Númenor known as the Andustar. It seems to have been built a little further westward along the bay than the main city of Andúnië itself, but little more can be said of Almaida.

[edit] Etymology

The name is only known from a single sketch-map of Númenor, where it is unintelligible, and is never mentioned elsewhere.[1] The name is apparently Quenya but also it is incompatible with Quenya phonology as the sound d does not occur in Quenya names outside "nd", "rd" and "ld".[note 1]. It has been suggested that the actual word was misread by Christopher Tolkien.[2]


  1. A similar problem is seen with the word Aldudénië from The Silmarillion


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