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Other namesPraise of Eru
Part ofThe Three Prayers
ParticipantsRuler of Númenor and his/her people
DescriptionCeremony in which the Númenóreans ascended the Meneltarma and made an offering on its summit

The Erulaitalë was one of the Three Prayers that the Kings and Queens of Númenor and their people made to Eru. It was observed in the middle of summer. The Erulaitalë was a ceremony in which praise was given to Eru for his works. During this ceremony, the ruler of Númenor and his or her people ascended the Meneltarma and made a bloodless offering on its summit.

[edit] Etymology

The word Erulaitalë means 'Praise of Eru' in Quenya (from the verb laita-, 'to praise', and the nominalizing suffix -lë).

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