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Other namesThanksgiving to Eru
Part ofThe Three Prayers
ParticipantsRuler of Númenor and his/her people
DescriptionCeremony in which the Númenóreans ascended the Meneltarma and made an offering on its summit

The Eruhantalë was the last of the Three Prayers to Eru spoken each year by the King or Queen of Númenor. In this ceremony, the monarch and his or her people gave thanks to Eru. It was held at the end of each autumn. During the Eruhantalë, the King or Queen would ascend the Meneltarma, accompanied by a silent, white-clad crowd of people. The ruler would make a prayer and a bloodless offering on the mountain's summit, while three great Eagles, the Witnesses of Manwë, hovered overhead.[1][2]

[edit] Etymology

Eruhantalë means 'Thanksgiving to Eru' in Quenya (from the word hantalë, meaning 'thanksgiving').[1]

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