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Route of the Fellowship of the Ring
Stage One  Rivendell · Caradhras · Moria
Stage Two  Gandalf: Silvertine · Lothlórien · Fangorn Forest
 All save Gandalf: Lothlórien · Anduin · Amon Hen
Stage Three  Frodo and Sam: Emyn Muil · Dead Marshes
 Pippin and Merry: Emyn Muil · Eastemnet · Fangorn Forest · Wellinghall · Derndingle
 Aragorn, Gimli and Legolas: Eastemnet · Fangorn Forest
Stage Four  Gandalf, Aragorn, Gimli and Legolas: Edoras · Hornburg · Isengard
Pippin and Merry: Isengard
Frodo and Sam: Black Gate
Stage Five  Aragorn, Gimli and Legolas: Dunharrow · Paths of the Dead · Lamedon · Pelargir · Minas Tirith
Gandalf and Pippin: Rohan · Anórien · Minas Tirith
Merry: Hornburg · Dunharrow · Drúadan Forest · Minas Tirith
Frodo and Sam: Ithilien · Cross-roads · Morgul Vale · Stairs of Cirith Ungol · Cirith Ungol · Shelob's Lair · Morgai
Stage Six  Gandalf, Pippin, Aragorn, Gimli and Legolas: Osgiliath · Cross-roads · Ithilien · Black Gate · Field of Cormallen
Frodo and Sam: Plateau of Gorgoroth · Mount Doom · Field of Cormallen
Stage Seven  All save Merry and Boromir: Cair Andros · Minas Tirith
Stage Eight  All save Boromir: Anórien · Rohan · Edoras · Isengard