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Gorhendad Oldbuck

Gorhendad Oldbuck
Biographical Information
Other namesOgmandab Zaragamba
Master of Buckland
Brandy Hall, Buckland
Ruleuntil S.R. 740 (Thain)
from S.R. 740 (Master)
Physical Description

Gorhendad Oldbuck was a Hobbit of the Shire, the founder of Buckland and of the Brandybuck family.

[edit] History

Gorhendad Oldbuck of the Marish crossed the Brandywine in S.R. 740[1] and founded Buckland and Brandy Hall. In honor of their new land, he changed his family name from Oldbuck (H. Zaragamba) to Brandybuck (H. Brandagamba). He ruled the land, as Master of Buckland, as his own realm, and his family became even wealthier than they already were.[2] Their removal from the Shire meant Thainship passed to the Took Family.[3] Gorhendad himself was the ancestor of the Masters of Buckland.

[edit] Etymology

Gorhendad is the translation of Westron Ogmandab[4] (in an earlier manuscript version spelled Ogforgad[5]) which, according to Stoor tradition, used to mean "great-grandfather".[5] Gorhendad is the modern Welsh word for "great-grandfather".[6][7]


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Last known:
Bucca of the Marish
12th Thain of the Shire
Third Age ?? - 2340
Followed by:
Isumbras Took I

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