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Marmadoc Brandybuck

Marmadoc Brandybuck
Biographical Information
Other names"Masterful"
TitlesMaster of Buckland
LocationBrandy Hall, Buckland
BirthS.R. 1217
RuleS.R. 1277 - 1310
DeathS.R. 1310 (aged 93)
ParentageMadoc Brandybuck and Hanna Goldworthy
SpouseAdaldrida Bolger
ChildrenGorbadoc and Orgulas
Physical Description

Marmadoc "Masterful" Brandybuck was a Hobbit of the Shire.

[edit] History

Marmadoc was the son of Madoc Brandybuck and Hanna Goldworthy. He married Adaldrida Bolger and had two children, Gorbadoc and Orgulas.[1]

[edit] Etymology

Marmadoc is an actual Celtic name, a variation of Marmaduke. It derives from Máel Máedóc, which means "disciple of Saint Máedóc".[source?][2] It is possible this is a reference to his father Madoc.


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