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Walking Tree Publishers is the publishing company of Eredain, the Swiss Tolkien Society. It publishes the Cormarë Series and Tales of Yore Series.


[edit] Cormarë Series

  1. 1997: News from the Shire and Beyond - Studies on Tolkien
  2. 1999: Root and Branch - Approaches towards Understanding Tolkien
  3. 2001: Four Christian Fantasists: A Study of the Fantastic Writings of George MacDonald, Charles Williams, C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien
  4. 2003: Tolkien in Translation
  5. 2003: Tolkien Through Russian Eyes
  6. 2004: Translating Tolkien: Text and Film
  7. 2004: Recovery and Transcendence for the Contemporary Mythmaker
  8. 2005: Reconsidering Tolkien
  9. 2006: Tolkien and Modernity 1
  10. 2006: Tolkien and Modernity 2
  11. 2007: Roots and Branches
  12. 2007: Inside Language
  13. 2007: How We Became Middle-earth
  14. 2007: Myth and Magic: Art according to the Inklings
  15. 2007: The Silmarillion: Thirty Years On
  16. 2008: The Lord of the Rings and the Western Narrative Tradition
  17. 2008: Tolkien's Shorter Works
  18. 2008: Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings – Sources of Inspiration
  19. 2009: Tolkien's View: Windows into his World
  20. 2010: Music in Middle-earth
  21. 2011: The Ecological Augury in the Works of JRR Tolkien
  22. 2011: The Loss and the Silence: Aspects of Modernism in the Works of C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien & Charles Williams
  23. 2012: Hobbit Place-names: A Linguistic Excursion through the Shire
  24. 2012: Tolkien and Wagner: The Ring and Der Ring
  25. 2012: Wagner and Tolkien: Mythmakers
  26. 2012: The Broken Scythe: Death and Immortality in the Works of J.R.R. Tolkien
  27. 2012: Sub-creating Middle-earth: Constructions of Authorship and the Works of J.R.R. Tolkien
  28. 2013: Tolkien's Poetry
  29. 2013: O What a Tangled Web: Tolkien and Medieval Literature: A View from Poland
  30. 2013: In the Nameless Wood: Explorations in the Philological Hinterland of Tolkien's Literary Creations
  31. 2014: From Peterborough to Faëry, The Poetics and Mechanics of Secondary Worlds
  32. 2014: Tolkien and Philosophy
  33. 2014: Deep Roots in a Time of Frost
  34. 2015: Representations of Nature in Middle-earth

[edit] Tales of Yore Series

This series, at the moment consisting of only two books, is a collection of tales and stories inspired by Tolkien's sub-creation.

  • 2000: The Terror of Tatty Walk by Kay Woollard
  • 2002: Wilmot's Strange Stone by Kay Woollard
  • 2014: The Monster Specialist by Edward S. Louis

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